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April 2017: Replace blog with blognews database. Blog was being targeted and putting server emails on black lists, which was stopping server emails to reach several major clients such as aol, yahoo and msn.

2017 NOTE: This site is very old and not responsive design, which in April 2015, Google made note that sites not responsive will not be searchable on any mobile devices, ie, phones, tablets. In 2015, Biz-comm alerted all clients of these restrictions. Upgrades to responsive were offered at 50% of original site costs. Also in 2017, google noted that any site not certified for https will not be searched. Biz-comm has made all sites hosted on dedicated server to include the https certificate. Admin links may not reflect https security due to link using the "s" but it is secure.

Page Content: SEO, content, headlines, assigning which banner, which side image. Also available "small boxes" if desired. TBD.

News/Events: Add upcoming events/news; delete as needed. Option for images in news.

Banner, news and small image uploader: Pages that use a form to browse your hard drive, select an image and upload it to server. After this step, revisit the page content for the list of pages, select which page to note the name of the new image.
NEW: 1/5: Staff photo uploader. Use page copy with full path to /staff/bill.jpg. Future expansion: table for staff with bio, photo, phone, email etc.

Leads: Capture correspondence, organize by last name, keep office notes for/from staff.

Small boxes: Set up for later use, should it be needed. These can be considered "sidebars" to a page main focus. Some pages may be well served to have small box instead of news and events.

Google analytics: username: -- password: patricegoogle (may be null since email moved off server)