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Managing international operations can get complicated unless you understand the tax, GAAP and legal rules and regulations of the country(ies) in which you are operating. Hull Speed Associates offers sound advice and services to help ensure that your business is in compliance with the rules and regulations of the country in which you are operating.


As all senior executives know too well, tax questions arise on a regular basis. Our team of tax specialists have extensive experience in dealing with international tax regulations and can help you better understand the implications of these regulations on your business. By closely working with management and carefully examining the differences in individual country tax codes, we will provide you with a crystal clear picture of how the tax code in your target country will affect the revenue and profits of your business. Our results-driven team can prepare your annual corporate tax returns, transfer pricing agreements, VAT and related sales and import tax statements and submissions.


Our accounting advisory team relies on its extensive expertise and years of experience in international accounting standards. We provide a range of accounting services, including converting foreign GAAP to U.S. GAAP/IFRS and advice on how to properly record revenue recognition. Our technical knowledge of GAAP standards allows us to provide insight into how to manage GAAP requirements and how to preemptively avoid any GAAP related issues, and to identify and meet deadlines. Revenue recognition from one GAAP to another GAAP is one example of issues we solve for our clients, and in all our work with clients it is our aim to provide a constant bridge of understanding to ensure efficient and effective business for you at the local level.


Legal issues are costly, time-consuming and a disruptive distraction for management focused on the core business. Our legal advisory team helps to avoid such roadblocks by leveraging our knowledge of the local legal system to provide sound advice on legal matters. Whether it concerns local employment contracts and terminations, corporate services or documents that require translation, we assist you to manage any and all legal affairs in your host country.

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